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About Five Lion Dance Club

Animation Series

First-ever NFT that allows owners to determine the story for the animation series and have their lions featured in the animation - and earn royalties from the series.


Own-to-Earn (OTE)

There will be lucky draws and competitions for owners to be able to fight for the chance to feature their lions in the animation series! A portion of the royalties for any profit made from the animation series. (episodes with your lions inside)



Lion Sales

Join Forces to dance for fortune & luck!

Sale of Lions. Their ultimate goal is to find the best dance partner to join our Lion Dance Club.


When 3D is cooler.....

Send your lion to train at our Lion Dance Academy, compete on the Dance Floor and help them evolve to 3D lions!


Limited-Edition 3D Models

Get access to our limited edition 3D clay models of their own NFTs and many more other merchandises!

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Community-driven animation

You can submit a story featuring your lion and get voted by the community and walla! You might find your lion turns into a movie star!

Wedding DJ

Celebrities & Partners might be able to join forces with your favorite celebrity for our limited-edition drops



Silver Ant

Silver Ant is an award winning animation studio that was established more than 20 years, with partnerships and portfolios from SEGA, Konami, Nintendo, Petronas & many more. 

Silver Ant's profile includes joining force with Polygon Pictures Incorporated (PPI) to establish Silver Ant PPI - whereby they took up a lot of award winning projects in animations & animes such as Transformers Prime (Daytime Emmy Award Winner; Annie Award Winner), Transformers Robots in Disguise (Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program Nomination), Lost in Oz Extended Adventure (Daytime Emmy Award Winner) and many others. 


Five Lions Dance Club

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